Sea Cadets UK

The Sea Cadet Corps is community based, voluntary youth organisation with 400 Units across the country; it is not part of the Reserve Forces. Each Unit has been set up by local people to train youngsters on a naval model.  The first Unit was formed in Whitstable in 1856 and the Sea Cadet Corps became a national organisation in 1904, under the auspices of the then Navy League.  The early model was for old seafarers to come together to train the youngsters while local businessmen would provide the Unit Headquarters with the funds to run the Unit.

This tradition of the forming and running of Sea Cadet Units locally continues to this day with each Unit being responsible for its own running costs, and is established as a charity in its own right in order to enable it to raise the necessary funds. Each Unit becomes a member of the Sea Cadet Corps, a national voluntary organisation by affiliation to the Marine Society and Sea Cadets the educational charity which is the governing body of the Sea Cadet Corps. Affiliation requires the Unit to comply with national standards set out in Sea Cadet Regulations.

The Royal Navy first gave official recognition to the SCC during the First World War and became directly involved in 1942 when it formed a partnership with the Sea Cadet Corps taking responsibility for training and the provision of uniforms and training equipment. This partnership status continues through a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between the MSSC and the MoD. Through this the Sea Cadet Corps enjoys support from the Royal Navy at national level but individual Units must rely on local community support for their continued existence.

Nowadays there are few seafarers coming through to train the young people and the Corps relies on a steady supply of ex cadets to do this.

Each Unit has a Management Committee which acts as Managing Trustees and has the responsibility of finding and funding the Unit HQ.  The Units are in need of a steady supply of funds to support the work and of people with management skills to carry out this important task.

Information on the Sea Cadets can be found on the website:  www.ms-sc.org.uk