Sea Cadets North East


Many young people from the North East's inner city areas suffer from a lack of both self esteem and self confidence. This makes them vulnerable to a culture of drugs, crime, and worklessness.

They need active challenges that develop social skills and a respect for others.

The Sea Cadets can make a positive impact on young people by offering active challenges that develop social skills and a feeling of strong self worth.

Young People out of uniform
Cadets in Uniform

There are 18 Sea Cadet Units in the North East, from Ashington, in the north of the region, to Guisborough in the south, most established between 1937 and 1943.

Most of the Units in the region are based in low income inner city areas where other youth organisations have given up.

For these Cadets, they not only have the benefit of nautical education within their own Units, but also have access to top quality boating training during the summer months, enhancing and building on the practical skills learned at the Unit.